Art Lesson Plans16-20

Art 1

Positive/Negative Zentangle Animal
Students will draw a silhouette of an animal in the middle of their paper
Next they will cut out the silhouette carefully with an xacto
They will then draw zentangle in the silhouette of the animal and also the negative page of the animal
Once completed they will glue the animal on the left side of a sheet of black construction paper and the negative piece on the right.


*We will discuss grid drawings and how they can help a student draw.
*I will demonstrate how grid drawings work
*Students will complete 5 grid drawings
-George Washington
-Abe Lincoln

Art 2


Students will select a photograph of an animal
*Next, students will draw the photograph, working out the elements of the composition and lighting
*Trace over their drawing on their scratchboard to make an impression of their image.
*Decide and experiment with the textures you will use within the different objects. Try the textures out on a piece of scrap board.
*Now you are ready to start scratching . Do not out line your image. Begin by building a faint values around or within an object with dots or short dashes.
*As you work you will gradually begin to build lighter values. Pay close attention to how the light falls on your photograph. You must establish a light source.

Construction Paper Silhouette

*Students will draw a scene, person, animal, etc on a white sheet of paper
*Next, students will have to decide what will stay the black construction paper and what will be cut out.
*They will then lay there pattern on top of the black construction paper and use an x acto knife to cut out the areas that will have color behind them
*Glue colored construction paper to the black

Art 3

Animal Zentangle
*students will select an animal to draw on a large sheet of paper
*The students will need to divide their animal up in several sections
*In each section they will place a zentangle in that area using and extra fine tip sharpie

Panty Hose Sculpture

*Drill 2 holes in the top of the wood scrap square the same width as the coat hanger wire. Drill the holes about 2-3″ apart and almost all the way through the wood.
*Bend the wire into an interesting form. Push the 2 ends of the formed wire into the holes in the wood, one end in each hole.
*Carefully pull a knee high stocking over the wire form. The stocking can be carefully pulled over the wood base as well.
*First coat of glue: Coat the sculpture with the thinned glue using a foam brush. Let Dry
*You will need an additional 4 to 5 coats of glue to harden the stocking.
*Next, students will ad color to their sculpture with acrylic paint.

Art 4

Magazine Rolled Art
-students will decide on image
-next they will transfer their image to a piece of cardboard 10×14
-next they will begin rolling 100’s of magazine rolls using different size skewers and glue
-Once all rolls are complete they will begin adding the paper rolls to their cardboard.

Supplies: pencils, drawing paper, paint, rulers, acrylic paint, extra fine tip sharpies, rulers, magazines, glue, xacto, black construction paper, wood, pantyhose, glue, wire, scratchboards, grid worksheets

Modifications: Extended time for completion of assignment

Teks: 1.b, 2.b, 2.c, 3.c